Michael’s Story!

IMG_0256Michael needed an adaptive tricycle to help improve his muscular coordination, skill and balance. Now he is able to get out into the community and ride his bike!

Six-year-old Michael had a left Hemispherectomy to control epileptic seizures. He also was diagnosed with Right hemiplegia, a condition that affects muscular control on the left side of his body, resulting in a difficulty with balance and coordination. Michael’s daily life is usually beset with frustrations, but he is not deterred from having fun.

Some of Michael’s favorite things are pancakes and going to school. Michael loves to learn about new things and seeing friends. On weekends, he is always eager to take a relaxing stroll through a nearby park. He also likes watching movies with Buzz Lightyear or singing songs like “Wheels on the Bus,” and “Twinkle Little Star.”