Michelle Gets a New Wheelchair Van!

Michelle is a precocious 6-year-old girl with a need for speed! She has cerebral palsy, is hearing impaired and legally blind.  Despite all of this, one of her favorite things to do is race down the sidewalk in her power chair.  She loves to go fast!

Michelle loves her power chair, but until recently could only use it in her neighborhood or at school.  The schoolbus is equipped to transport her chair.  Unfortunately, her mom’s old vehicle was not.  Recently, James Allen, the CEO of Hard Rock International did something unheard of!  He purchased a new van for the family!  Wheelchairs 4 Kids worked with Lighthouse of Broward County, Ocean Conversions, Maroone Ford and the Harry T. Mangurian Foundation to get things just right!  Now Michelle can bring her chair everywhere with her – even the mall!  Watch out for speeding chairs!

“The generosity of Mr. Allen and everyone else involved to make this happen was amazing”, said Wheelchairs 4 Kids executive director, Madeline Robinson. “We don’t usually have a situation where someone purchases a vehicle!  What an amazing gift.  And it took everyone working together to make it work.  Rich at Ocean Conversions found the perfect vehicle and Maroone Ford closed the deal.”  The Harry T. Mangurian Foundation made a generous donation to cover the title and registrations…with a little extra that
will be used on another child’s needs!” We are so grateful and humbled to know that there are so many caring people out there who are willing to give of themselves to improve the quality of life for children with physical disabilities.

Now Michelle can bring her chair everywhere with her – even the mall! Watch out for speeding chairs!