Meet Mili!


Meet 11-year-old Mili. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Holoprosencephaly. The latter condition is characterized by the two brain hemispheres not developing correctly. Mili is unable to walk from having dislocated hips and other effects. Mili is also cognitively impaired and nonverbal, but she makes sounds to communicate. She is happy despite these challenges.

Mili manages to have fun. She watches movies, and her favorite is Cowboys and Angels. She enjoys television, too. Mili likes anything with Mickey Mouse and shows with princesses. She listens to a variety of music. She loves interacting with her friends at school. Mili’s best buddy, however, is her 12-year-old cousin. They have a sisterly bond formed stronger by adversity. Mili’s biggest fan is her mom, who describes the little girl as “My princess.” Mili’s life is not a storybook fairy tale. Its better. Her tale is real. Turn the page and be inspired.

Mili needs an adaptive stroller to make transportation easier, safer and more comfortable. 





Mili received her new adaptive stroller. This will allow Milli and her mom to be able to go out to short tips with greater ease. They will  no longer have to break down her heavy wheelchair each time!