Mireya’s Success Story!



Mireya is a joyful 4-year-old diagnosed with TBI/shaken baby syndrome and cerebral palsy.  She is unable to walk, partially blind, and is cognitively around 6 months old.  Mireya always has a smile for everyone, and mom calls her a “miracle baby” after surviving trauma as an infant.  Mireya enjoys playing with her musical toys, and she would cuddle up and watch Moana every day if she could!   Mom said she is such a champ and a fighter with a strong spirit.

Mireya’s transport to school and doctor appointments has been very difficult, so Mireya’s mom thought a turny seat would work wonders for their daily trips.  Mom first worked with Variety US The Children’s Charity to get a grant, and they recommended she contact Wheelchairs 4 Kids to see if we could help with the balance for the turny seat.   We were able to get it done, thanks to a generous grant from Sorensen Foudation.  Keep fighting, Mireya!