Nickolah’s Story!

DSC01539_0112Nickolah needed a customized wheelchair that would be comfortable and offer postural support. Now with the help from Wheelchairs 4 Kids his family is able to maneuver him safely around their house and town.

Nickolah is a 15 year-old boy who endures the trials of Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and quadriplegia. The trio of challenges has caused Nickolah to be non-verbal and cognitively underdeveloped. For him, the world and his surroundings is a mystery that he does not comprehend. Understanding why he is adored, however, is not unsolvable.

Nickolah has his own way to smile. Play a song with a fun beat and the inspired boy will move to the rhythm. He also likes to laugh. Nickolah cannot wait for someone to read him a hilarious book. His favorite activity, however, always involves the entire family gathering around for a scrumptious dinner. During these gatherings, Nickolah is the life of the party and everyone loves showering him with affection!