Meet Noah!



Meet seven-year-old Noah. He was diagnosed with a very difficult illness known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, a condition in which blood and oxygen levels to the brain are reduced. Also called HIE, the disease has numerous side effects. Noah is cognitively equivalent to an infant. He is mostly nonverbal but communicates with contented babbling noises. Sadly, Noah also endures terrifying seizures. He is happy despite his massive struggles.


 Noah enjoys life in the best possible ways. He makes delighted cooing sounds while watching Spongebob. Noah listens to children’s music, including Baby Mozart. He also likes going to day care centers for severely disabled children. In this program, Noah learns how to do fun activities. His favorite is being exercised on the floor while he plays with toys. Noah’s happiness is evident. He never stops smiling. Noah is known as everybody’s special angel.


Noah needs an adaptive stroller for easier and safer transportation. 




Noah received his adapted stroller and life has changed! Mom was so happy for all the new opportunities they have now, all the places they will be able to visit with ease of transportation. Noah’s adaptive stroller will fit more places than hi wheelchair did and will be transported much easier compared to his heavy wheelchair!