Paden receives a wheelchair accessible ramp from

Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Paden Complete Ramp 2

April, 2014: Paden receives a wheelchair accessible ramp from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Paden is an awesome 5-year-old boy lives with the daily challenges of VATER Syndrome and Vanishing White Matter disease. These complex illnesses have very devastating results.  He has endured 10 surgeries and 18 procedures.  Paden’s abilities to walk and to communicate are slowly deteriorating.  Paden, however, has astonishing courage and he enjoys life. His favorite television character is Elmo, but the cuteness of this Sesame Street character does not compare to Paden. The brave 5- year-old has an infectious laugh and people fall in love whenever he giggles. He makes friends everywhere! He is a ball of sunshine to brighten our day.

Paden desperately needed a wheelchair accessible ramp for his home, which had six steep steps and thus made moving his wheelchair too dangerous. Until now, his family had been transporting Paden and his wheelchair up and down unsafe and steep steps. Through the generosity of McMahon Builders, the Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance, and local suppliers, the goal to help Paden and his family get a wheelchair ramp came true when they built the Pathway 4 Paden! Now, Paden has the accessibility he deserves! Paden lives at home with his family and despite his multiple challenges he maintains a positive spirit and touches those around him with his infectious laugh. As you can see in these photos, his smile is truly wonderful!

Ramp vs Steps

The Pathway 4 Paden in progress!

 Steps Pic Paden Complete Ramp 3

The “before,” dangerous steps & the “after,” an accessible and safe ramp!

Paden Construction Hat Everyone helps with the ramp Ramp materialsMore great photos from the Pathway 4 Paden! Paden loves his construction helmet!

Thank you to McMahon Builders, LLC and the Maine Contractors &Builders Alliance for sponsoring and constructing the “Pathway 4 Paden!” And, thank you to Ellsworth Building Supply, Inc., Hammond Lumber Company, E.L. Spear, Inc. Lumber and Hardware, and Rankin’s Hardware and Lumber for donating materials to construct the ramp. Thank you to Dominos of Rockland for donating pizza for lunch!