Preston Rides the School Bus!

Preston is a sweet and kind-hearted young man who has a smile that would brighten anyone’s day!  He enjoys going to school and spending time with his class-mates and teacher.  He loves listening to music.  His favorite artists are Billy Joel and the Beach Boys.  He enjoys throwing his basketball and football which helps strengthen his muscles.   But Preston’s greatest joy is cars!  He loves watching NASCAR and going to car shows.  Of course his favorite movie is Cars!

Preston has cerebral palsy.  He is unable to walk (although he is trying to use a walker).

His teacher and school social worker reached out to Wheelchairs 4 Kids asking for help.  The chair that Preston was in was far too small for the six-footer and was falling apart.  His social worker was afraid that he would injure himself.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids recognized the danger of the chair and immediately ordered a brand new chair for Preston that is size appropriate, safe and school bus compliant so he can ride with his friends.

Thank you from social worker

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wheelchairs 4 Kids for ALL that they do to provide necessary health and mobilization services to our students. Working as a school social worker for the Broward County School System, I see first-hand that resources are constantly being depleted, but the need for services is consistently growing. I am grateful to Madeline Robinson for always being responsive, committed, and thorough when helping the students that I have referred to the Wheelchairs 4 Kids program. Uncompromising dedication is necessary to support the needs of the children we are challenged to serve.

 Thank you for providing the Necessary equipment to help families so that they can live Better Lives! Just look at the smile on our student’s face.



Linda Miller, LCSW
School Social Worker
North Area Student Services
Coral Glades High School
Pompano Beach High School


June 5, 2012


As the ESE Specialist at Coral Glades High, I too want to thank you on behalf of the entire staff at Coral Glades for your assistance in helping one of our students .  His Mom was very appreciative and Preston has had a smile a mile long since he received it.  What you have done to enhance his life is remarkable.  Thanks again for all you do to help kids.




Robyn Pesicek
ESE Specialist
Coral Glades High

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