Meet Priscilla!




Meet nine-year-old Priscilla. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delay, which cause several limitations. She is confined to a power wheelchair. Priscilla also has a difficult time with speech, although she communicates with her mom. Priscilla works hard at everything, such as learning how to brush her teeth. Nothing, not even illness, prevents her from being awesome.


Priscilla has fun like any other kid her age. She enjoys going to the movies. She recently went on a school field trip with her friends to see Dumbo. Priscilla had a hard time being social in school. The timid girl had a manual wheelchair which she could not move—she stayed quietly by a wall during recess. Priscilla recently received a motorized wheelchair, and she now races and plays tag with her friends. Priscilla prefers being active since her gained independence, and she likes doing other activities, including ballet. Priscilla keeps busy, but she is never to occupied to be courteous. A glimmer of pride sparkles in her eyes when she helps her family clean up after dinner. Priscilla uses her freedom, not just to have fun, but also to improve our world with her kindness.


Priscilla needs an EZ Lock System for easier and safer transportation in the family car. Please be her sponsor!  

Priscilla received an EZ lock docking system. This system allows her wheelchair to be locked in place with out the need of tie downs. This helps secure her safely during transportation and also eases the load for her parents having to put on and take off the tie downs each time!