Meet Sofia!



Meet 18-year-old Sofia. She was born premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy a few months after her birth. She can stand with assistance. Sofia is also able to walk short distances with the help of braces or a walker. She also had metal rods put in her back to correct severe scoliosis. This young lady, however, is unhindered by her limitations.   

Sofia has a teenager’s interests. She is a huge fan of Harry Potter—she is fascinated by the character and plot development. She listens to music, but her favorite band is Coldplay; Sofia especially likes their song, Yellow. Her favorite way to relax, however, is by watching YouTube or tv while eating Chinese fried rice. Sofia  also loves her two kitties, especially her bedtime buddy, Gypsy. Sofia, most importantly, is looking ahead to her future. She attends college and is considering being a graphic designer Maybe a translator. Either way, one thing does not need translating. Sofia, even with her limitations, never stops moving forward—unless it’s to smell the sweet rose of life!


Sofia needs a manual wheelchair that will provide better support and be more comfortable. Sofia’s current chair does not fit and is very painful for her back. Please be her sponsor!  




Sofia received her new wheelchair and is so excited about it. We took extra care to make sure everything was right and that no detail was over seen. Thank you very Much to Ki Mobility for all your hard work to make sure Sofia got her chair!