Meet Sritthan!



Meet 11-year-old Sritthan. He appeared to be born a normal healthy boy. However, he was four years old and struggled to get off the floor, even when giving himself assistance. His family was concerned and took him to see a doctor. Sritthan was eventually diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is unable to walk as a result of his condition; however, this does not stop him from moving forward in life.

 Sritthan has a wide variety of interests and passions. He is a fan of the action-packed Transformers movies. He also embraces his culture by listening to Bollywood music. He enjoys chicken cooked with yummy spices from India, too. Sritthan’s passion, however, is art. He has been painting still art using watercolors and charcoal. His talent is now advanced enough to learn how to paint live objects. He is working hard towards his ultimate goal; sharing is craft with the world. Sritthan’s life, however, is the real masterpiece, and knowing him is true inspiration.

 Sritthan needs a powerchair to give him independence and mobility. Please be his sponsor!   


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Foundation of Caring, Sritthan received his power wheelchair.