Meet Thomas!

Meet 12-year-old Thomas. Early in 2019, he suffered from a hemorrhage caused from an abnormal connection between the veins and arteries of his brain. He was in a coma for 21 days and in a vegetative state for two months. Thomas, as a result, lost his ability to walk. He is currently relearning how to walk by using a gait trainer; he also practices transfers to small distances. Thomas is determined to have a normal childhood despite the tragic incident. 

Thomas enjoys interests similar to other kids his age. His favorite movie is Marvels Avengers. Thomas watches the show Camp Kikiwaka on Disney XP. He loves playing with his 10-year-old pet dog. Thomas attends school, too. He prefers learning about math, but the best part is when kids get candy as a rare treat. Thomas has a sweet tooth, but nothing is sweeter than the kind boy. He is best described as noble. He is brave in the face of his trials. He treats people with a loving heart by listening to their feelings. He is also a miracle. Timothy never suffered anymore repercussions after the hemorrhage. Meet Thomas. His heart, and mind, are perfect in every way. 

Thomas needs a manual wheelchair that can provide more support for his head and upper body. The equipment will allow him to interact with people and his environment. Please be his sponsor!    


Thomas is so happy to finally have a wheelchair that fits him properly and id comfortable. Previously Thomas was using a wheelchair that was on loan from his school. The wheelchair was too bug for him and was causing pain in his hips, shoulders and knees! You can see the big smile on his face as he sits comfortably and sagely in his new wheelchair!