Wheelchairs 4 Kids gives Victoria a

new adaptive stroller!

Victoria alone

Update: March 2014- Victoria receives a new purple adaptive stroller from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Victoria is a 12-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and seizures. She was born with a defective heart and had her first open heart surgery when she was just three days old.  She had two more before she reached her first birthday.  After the third operation, she spiked a fever, went into kidney failure and cardiac arrest.  The resulting brain damage has left Victoria unable to walk or propel a wheelchair.  She is alert and very smart, but can only speak a few words. Victoria is able to communicate via a touch screen computer.  Additionally, she must use a g-tube to make sure she receives enough liquids but is able to eat solid foods. Her favorite foods include the kid classics, pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Victoria desperately needed an adaptive stroller.  She had outgrown her old one and thus was without a safe and comfortable method of transportation. An adaptive stroller is critical for Victoria and her family to ensure that she has the accessibility she needs! Now, Victoria has a new adaptive stroller that fits properly, provides support and is comfortable for her to sit in.  As you can see in her picture above, Victoria is very happy to have the mobility she deserves.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is so grateful to high school students, Heaven and Julianna, who sponsored Victoria’s adaptive stroller through fundraising for their senior project. We are truly touched by their generosity and hard work!

Victoria is a happy girl who loves to laugh and dance in her chair when her sister plays pop music. Victoria loves animals, especially horses! Her family has two dogs, a cat and an awesome fish tank! Victoria enjoys going on walks with her dogs and likes watching the fish swim by in their tank. Victoria’s favorite movies also reflect her love for animals, the “Beverley Hills Chihuahua” movies and Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Victoria even got to swim with the dolphins last summer showing us that dreams can come true! Victoria also enjoys spending time with her family and they try to get to beach as often as possible. She enjoys riding an adaptive bike and is a huge Gators fan.

Tori pic 1Victoria in her old adaptive stroller. As you can tell, she has outgrown it and is without the properly fitted equipment she needs.

victoria adjustmentsVictoria being fitted in her new adaptive stroller!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids helps Victoria travel safe!



February 2013- Victoria gets a new adaptive car seat from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Victoria loves her new customized car seat! She had outgrown her old one which features some creative use of duct tape. She had even cut herself on an exposed screw. Her new car seat is allowing her to travel comfortably and safely! I think the smiles on her face and her mom’s face say it all. Victoria is really going places now!  Mom says, “I can’t thank you enough it has been great!”