Wheelchairs 4 Kids delivers wheelchair to Ximena!


Ximena R Pic

In January, 2014 Ximena received a new wheelchair! Ximena is a 20-year-old who has Generalized Seizure Disorder and is Autistic. As a result, Ximena has a restricted range of motion and lack of mobility. Now, Ximena has a wheelchair which allows her to be safely transported and have greater mobility.  Furthermore, Ximena’s quality of life has improved because she is able to attend more family gatherings and social activities.

Despite Ximena’s difficulties, she has a cheerful spirit. One thing that always makes Ximena happy is music! She really enjoys watching musicals and listening to the radio but by far her favorite music is by Carlos Vives.  Ximena also enjoys books with the loveable and famous red puppy, “Clifford the Big Red Dog.”