Meet Zachary!



Meet 17-year-old Zachary. He was diagnosed with Greig syndrome, which affects multiple areas of physiology and neurology. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He is not capable of much movement. Furthermore, little Zachary endures frightening seizures. He has other challenges, but a strong spirit gets him through each day.


Zachary, known as Zacky, is a cool dude with a big heart.  His favorite movies are anything with comic book heroes. He listens to children’s hip-hop music.  He enjoys going for strolls at the park. He also watches soccer games with his family. Zacky is comforted whenever he cuddles with his three tail-wagging dogs. Clearly, Zachary is encircled by enough love to make his world a better place. And, his family says that he makes their world a better place, too.


Zachary needs repairs on the lift for his family vehicle. Currently, the lift is not working, and transportation is difficult. Please be his sponsor so he can maintain doctor’s appointments and outings with the family.



Zachary and his family now have a fully functioning electric wheelchair ramp. With this ramp they are able to easily and safely transport Zachary everywhere they go! Everyone cheered as they saw Zach come out of the van on his electric ramp for the very first time!