Meet Todd!

Meet 11-year-old Todd. He was diagnosed shortly after birth with multiple conditions, including spinal muscular atrophy and a neurological disorder known as Charcut Marie-Tooth. Todd was unable to roll over until he was 18 months old. He has muscle weakness throughout his body and uses braces to walk. He has a lot of difficulty using his hands. Sadly, Todd’s condition is progressive, and he will lose more abilities over time. This, however, does not hinder him from being upbeat and positive.


Todd has numerous interests. He watches anime and his favorite character is the adorable Pikachu. He also likes Stitch from the hilarious Disney film, Lilo and Stitch. He follows college football and is always in the cheering section for the Florida Gators. Todd can also spend hours building his imagination with Lego playsets—he is always eager to see the real thing at the Legoland theme park. He loves using his creative side in art class, too. Todd sometimes has a lot of energy and will swim like a fish or dance like there’s no tomorrow! Most of all, Todd has a big heart. He is always thinking of other people before his own needs. He gets people to smile by making them laugh at his antics. Simply said, Todd is a pleasure to be around. Meet this boy and he is sure to brighten your day!


Todd was presented with a Rifton therapy tricycle at the grand opening of the new Wheelchairs 4 Kids office, on August 31st. Todd’s new bike will allow him to get important exercise to maintain his health and mobility for as long as possible. Thanks to the generosity of Mabel & Ellsworth for donating the equipment and helping to put a smile on Todd’s face!