Meet Troy!



Meet 14-year-old Troy. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Until recently, Troy was active as any other boy his age.   He went from walking to being confined to a wheelchair within a year. He remains brave despite this and other limitations.


Troy has numerous popular interests. He likes playing the hit game Minecraft. He and his dad bond by watching soccer—Troy is a loyal supporter for Manchester United. He also has a sweet bond with his brothers. Every year they volunteer at a local park and display flags in memory of the 9/11 victims. He has an adorable friendship with a kitty that sleeps on his legs at night. Troy says the cat is protecting his legs. Their connection is so strong that mom says the animal is what keeps Troy going through the bad times. Troy is frequently sad that he lost many of his abilities and nobody understands how it feels to be in a wheelchair. He often feels alone, too. Troy remains brave and loving towards everybody. He works hard to show people he is happy. Just like a soccer team that goes through a slump, Troy needs a cheering section. We love Troy and encourage him to never give up on his goals.


Troy needs a stander to exercise and improve bone density in his legs. Please be his sponsor!