Meet Victoria!



Meet seven-year-old Victoria. She was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disorder known as San Filippo Syndrome. She has a high risk of falling while walking because of balance issues. The little girl also needs help with everyday tasks. These and other limitations do not affect Victoria’s happiness.


Victoria has a few interests to enhance her childhood.   She is a fan of all things Disney, including movies and books. Victoria, of course, could live inside the Magic Kingdom theme park—that would be everybody’s dream! Victoria enjoys visiting her local nature park and running around in circles. She has more interests, but her personality sparkles the most. She wakes up happy and smiling. Victoria can be a sassy thing who stomps walks while sticking out her bottom lip in a pouty face. This is okay because Victoria is also super adorable. She will climb up on somebody’s lap for a cuddle or puckers her lips for a kiss. One thing is certain. This pint-sized princess has a magical personality that inspires us all!


Victoria needed a Rifton tricycle to improve her leg balance and coordination. She will have fun riding the trike outdoors, too. With the help of a grant through Batchelor, we were able to help Victoria obtain the Tricycle that she needed!