Meet Victoria!



Meet 11-year-old Victoria. She was diagnosed with microcephaly and global developmental delay. She is able to walk but her balance and coordination are challenging. She needs help with some daily tasks such as walking upstairs. Victoria is a sweet girl and continues to move forward despite her limitations.

Victoria has a variety of pastimes. She watches the show Victorious (of course!).  She is a sports fan who even used to play soccer. Victoria enjoys sitting in her tent and playing with toys—this can only be topped by interacting with her baby brother. She is also a diligent student who is great at reading and writing. She has a strong personality, too. Victoria is very iron willed—she never gives up on her goals. She is always laughing and smiling. Victoria has an innocent heart. Look into her kind eyes and discover an angel who inspires us all.

Victoria received a therapy bicycle to improve her leg balance and coordination. Her mom planned it as a surprise for her, and when she saw it for the first time, she squealed with glee! She will also be able to ride the bike to ride outdoors and play with her peers. Special thanks to Athletes Helping Athletes for being her sponsor!