Meet Ximena!



Meet eight-year-old Ximena. She was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has endured many procedures relating to her illnesses. She is unable to walk or stand and uses a wheelchair to get around. Ximena, despite her obstacles, remains joyful.


Ximena has an array of pastimes. She likes watching YouTube videos featuring either slime or arts and crafts. She is a fan of Disney movies with magical princesses. Her favorite song is “Goo Goo Muck” from the newest series about Wednesday Adams. Ximena attends school and her best subject is Math. Most of all, she is a sweet girl. She is outgoing and talks to everybody. Ximena makes friends as easily as she can smile. Here is a simple math equation. Ximena is more than the sum of her illness, and her heart equals inspiration.


Ximena needs a manual wheelchair to provide proper support, comfort, and mobility. Her current chair is too small and worn. Please be her sponsor!