Meet Zoey!



Meet 11-year-old Zoey. She was diagnosed with multiple disorders, including Moya Moya, which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain. Sadly, Zoey suffered from a stroke because of this illness. She cannot walk without her gait trainer. Zoey has many other challenges, but she remains determined and cheerful.


Zoey has a variety of interests. She likes watching reality shows such as Cake Boss and Say Yes to the Dress. Her favorite singer is the mega-hit star, Taylor Swift. Her hobbies are dancing and coloring. She enjoys art and math subjects and is even working at her school’s library. It makes sense that Zoey is versatile. She dreams of being a surgeon, baker, and dress designer. Zoey is just determined enough to accomplish these goals. She is independent and does not see herself as different from other people. She is certainly not ordinary, though. In fact, Zoey’s strength and persistence make her extraordinary!


Zoey needed a new stroller for easier and safer transportation. Her previous stroller was too small and painful. Thanks to a grant through The Innovative Worthy Project, we were able to help Zoey get the stroller that she needed!