Meet Saul!




Meet 5 year-old Saul. He has numerous diagnoses including seizure disorder, developmental delay and autism. His cognitive acuity is equivalent to a 1 year-old child, and he is currently determined to learn speaking skills. Saul works through other barriers, but he remains joyful THROUGH THE HARDSHIPS. 

Saul watches any movie or television program which has music. Fun songs grab his attention. Another interest is reading, and he really likes books with animal pictures. He is also a basketball fan. Saul even has unique ways of playing his favorite sport. This little boy would like to do more activities outside, but he needs your help. 

Saul needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his overall strength and stamina. The trike will also get him more involved in the community. He wishes to play with friends in more outdoor activities. Please make his dream a reality!



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