Meet Isabella!



Meet three-year-old Isabella. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair to be independently mobile. Isabella is cheerful despite the illness.


Isabella has a fun selection of interests. She watches the tv show Cocomelon. She likes the movie Frozen and listens to its great soundtrack. Isabella enjoys going to the park and flying high on the swings. Isabella is a sweetheart, too. She is happy and loving. Her favorite thing in the world is to shower her older brothers with hugs and kisses. She tries cheering them up if they are having a bad day. Meet a disabled child who wants to make other people happy and there will be a perfect angel.


Isabella needed an adaptive tricycle to promote better leg strength and overall fitness. The trike will even be a fun way to play outdoors. With the Help of a Grant through Sorensky, we were able to help get Isabella the Trike she needs!