Meet William!



Meet five-year-old William. He was born under difficult circumstances and was diagnosed with a challenging disorder known as MED13L. He suffers from muscle weakness and hypotonia. He cannot crawl or walk without assistance. He uses a walker for mobility but still requires support. William has more challenges, but he remains happy despite the trials.


William has numerous interests. His favorite musical artists are Imagine Dragons and Janis Joplin. He has a collection of fun toys that shake and make sounds. William likes outdoor activities such as going to the playground, taking walks, and relaxing in swimming pools. He is a curious boy who thrives on exploring new places, too. William also has a sweet heart. He is full of love and can never get enough cuddles. Holding William and letting him go is hard to do since he is so irresistible!


William needs a therapy bicycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. He can also have a great time riding the bike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!