Meet Joeshlyann!



Meet six-year-old Joeshlyann. She was diagnosed with a rare neurogenetic disorder known as TBCK syndrome. She has hypotonia and struggles with seizures. Joeshlyann does not have any independent mobility, and she needs help with everyday living skills. This sweet girl remains cheerful even with her difficult illness.


Joeshlyann Has a variety of interests. Her favorite toy is the classic Slinky. She likes playing with bubbles and clapping at anything that makes her excited, which is everything! Her favorite thing, however, is visiting farms and hearing cows say “Moo!”. She is most importantly a sweet girl. Joeshlyann wakes up joyfully, and the smile remains even after going to bed. Mom describes her daughter as beautiful. Joeshlyann requires help for all tasks, except for one. She is a skilled thief at stealing our hearts.


Joeshlyann needed a medical stroller for easier and safer transportation. The stroller will also provide her with proper trunk support. Thanks to a grant from The Harper Foundation, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Joeshlyann obtain the Medical Stroller that she needed!