Meet Abdiel!



Meet six-year-old Abdiel.   He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dystonia, a disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions. He has low muscle tone and can stand with complete support for a brief amount of time. Abdiel remains cheerful even with these and other trials.


Abdiel manages to have fun in various ways. He enjoys watching music videos. His favorite movies include Mario, Spiderman, and Minions. He likes playing WWE games on his PlayStation. Abdiel spends quality time with his dad watching soccer—The smart boy even knows all the players’ names. Abdiel, best of all, has an iron will. He is a determined fighter who gives everything possible to walk, even if he has to drag himself. Abdiel moves forward with his feet. And his heart.


Abdiel needs a Rifton Bath Chair for easier and safer bathing. Please be his sponsor!