Meet Abel!


Meet 14-year-old Abel. He was born prematurely and had many complications, including a brain hemorrhage. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and hydrocephalus. His independent mobility is limited to scooting around on the floor or using his wheelchair. He has other challenges but remains happy.


Abel has numerous interests. He likes playing with his collection of Elmo toys. He listens to modern hip-hop music, but his favorite song is Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” His best days are going to Disney or taking a swim at the beach. Abel is also described as a Sour Patch kid. He is very sweet and sometimes wants to be showered with affection. Some moments he prefers to be alone and quiet. Most of all, Abel is a miracle child. He defeated every odd and obstacle. He is our champion of inspiration!


Abel received a medical stroller for easier transportation. His current wheelchair was too heavy and bulky to maintain doctor’s appointments. Special thanks to Brenda Scarborough for sponsoring Abel’s stroller!