Meet Adalynn!

Meet four-year-old Adalynn. Sadly, she suffered from a lack of oxygen during birth and had severe brain damage, which caused spastic cerebral palsy. She suffers from frightening seizures. She is unable to walk or stand. Adalynn has more challenges, but she remains happy and brave.

Adalynn enjoys several activities. She watches the hit show Blues Clues. She listens to hard rock and country music. Her other favorite activities include going for walks, blowing bubbles, and playing a fun game of patty cake. She also adores her best four-legged buddy, a loyal Catahoula hound dog. Adalynn, most importantly, has a splendid personality. She is intelligent and tries to figure out methods to be independent. She is always happy and smiling despite difficult situations. Adalynn can never get enough hugs, cuddles, and kisses. And we can never get enough of this sweet girl!

Adalynn needed a therapy tricycle to improve her overall strength and health. She can also have fun riding the trike. Thanks to a grant through Mabel & Ellsworth, we were able to help Adalynn obtain the trike she needed!