Dr. Rishi Ramlogan


Dr. Paul Arnold

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Grand Theft of the da Vinci Xi Robot


Wanted: Dr. Rishi Ramlogan and Dr. Paul Arnold

Police arrested 2 physicians after an event took place at AdventHealth North Pinellas. Police interviewed two nurses, reporting that they saw the doctors attempting to steal the da Vinci Xi robot, pulling it down the hall with a lasso, and attempting to load it into a truck. They busted into a ‘dance-off battle,’ outside the hospital, trying to decide whose house would get the robot. Employees heard Ramlogan yelling “hands off my robot,” and then placing Dr. Arnold in a choke-hold after misleading him into thinking he was going in for an apology hug. In an interview by Tarpon Springs police the two explained they wanted to “set up shop in our own garage.”

From wellness and preventive care to specialty services from trusted physicians, count on AdventHealth North Pinellas for the health care you and your family need to feel whole for life. Our hospital in Tarpon Springs, FL, has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for everything from exceptional patient care and safety scores to our leading-edge technology.

Dr. Rishi Ramlogan, is a board-certified general surgeon and a fellowship trained Bariatric Surgeon. He specializes in Obesity Surgery and Anti Reflux Surgery.

Dr. Paul Arnold, FACS, is a highly experienced board-certified urologist.

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