Meet Alejandro!



Meet 20-year-old Alejandro. He was sadly diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor known as a medulablastoma. He also suffers from epilepsy and endures frightening seizures. Alejandro has many more challenges. He cannot walk without assistance. He needs help with everyday tasks. Alejandro, despite his difficult obstacles, remains happy and upbeat.


Alejandro has various interests. He likes watching Spiderman and The Fast and the Furious films. He enjoys dancing to upbeat music. He has a collection of speedy remote-control cars perfect for racing around the neighborhood. Most of all, Alejandro has a heart of gold and better. He is very gentle and loves hugging and kissing babies. He tries to help people even though his limitations make it difficult. Alejandro never ceases smiling, too. His joy is contagious, and he brightens up everybody within sight of his brilliant smile. Meet Alejandro. Even with his own challenges, he knows how to turn our bad days into the best day ever!


Alejandro received a new manual wheelchair to provide him with more independence. Thanks to his generous sponsor, Brenda Scarborough, he now is able to have more independence and will gain better coordination with the use of his manual chair!