Meet Alexander!



Meet 17-year-old Alexander. He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalous and cerebral palsy. He has endured over 20 procedures with more to come. He struggles walking and spends most of the time using a wheelchair. Alexander is upbeat and positive despite his difficult ordeals.


Alexander has a diverse number of interests. He listens to music ranging from rap to Christian. He cannot read, but this does not stop him from looking at his collection of Star Wars books. Alexander has a creative side, which he shows with his drawing skills during art class. He enjoys other pastimes, but his all-time favorite is watching the WWE—he is a huge fan of John Cena and The Undertaker. Alexander has a sweet and sensitive side. He has a good sense of humor and can get people to laugh, but he occasionally uses sarcasm to cover up hurt if other kids make fun of him. He simply laughs and joins in, despite being sad on the inside. Alexander is courageous and kindhearted. He should never be sad. Alexander is our hero and we love him, And THAT is no joke.


Alexander needed an adaptive bicycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. These benefits will help his ability to walk and stand. He can also have fun riding the bike outdoors. With the Help of Athletes Helping Athletes, we have been able to help Alexander obtain his Adaptive Bicycle!