Meet 12-year-old Alysha-Ann, who had a rough start to her childhood. She endured a brain hemorrhage at birth. Alysha-Ann survived meningitis and was in intensive care for six months. She suffers from cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. She cannot stand without assistance and is confined to a wheelchair. Alysha-Ann, despite her numerous trials, is a fun-loving sweetheart.


Alysha-Ann likes to sing children’s songs. She soaks up the sun at Daytona Beach but taking strolls in a park is just as much fun. Alysha-Ann’s favorite activity, however, is eating. She has an internal clock that is always ticking down to mealtime!  She especially loves to devour her grandma’s delicious home cooking. This dedicated grandmother is the child’s guardian and primary caregiver. Alysha-Ann, most of all, is best described as a beautiful girl with an endless smile. The young girl is aptly named. Alysha-Ann defines noble and grace.

 Alysha-Ann needs a ramp for home to make leaving and entering the house easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!