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Bail: $3000.00

AKA – “Gobble Clan”


Crime: Chasing Down A Wild Turkey


Amber Ashford, AKA Double A,  Tai Ashford, AKA Baby TaiTai, Charles Ashford, AKA Junior, are all in jail for “Chasing down a Wild Turkey and shouting gobble till ya wobble.”

Amber is quite familiar with the justice system.  When Amber isn’t pushing her family to be the best that they can be, she can be found ensuring the safety and security of the public at large as a Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy at the court house.  Amber, Charles, and Tai can be found running the streets in most of the local 5k runs and are always out exploring.  Through her volunteerism, she has seen first-hand the difference that Wheelchairs 4 Kids has made and is passionate about getting even more children the equipment they need.  Please help her.  Make a donation toward her bail today.