Meet A’Mya!


Meet one-and-a-half-year-old A’mya. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.   This little girl has numerous limitations and unique solutions. She crawls on the floor but cannot use her legs to move forward. Instead, A’mya uses her forehead to move.  A’mya has more trials and remains positive through it all.


A’mya has a few interests She likes watching Peppa Pig and has a collection of toys from the hit show. A’mya also enjoys outings to a nearby lake or going to have physical therapy where she works hard to get stronger. A’mya is best known as a beautiful little girl with a radiant smile. She is completely adorable and huggable, which works in her favor. A’mya loves cuddles. Hold her close and letting her go is impossible.


A’mya  received a Permobile Mini Explorer chair. This is a child’s first powerchair to help with mobility and independence. She loves to be on the move! Special thanks to Shirakiku for being her generous sponsor!