Meet Annabelle!



Meet eight-year-old Annabelle. She was not reaching typical milestones after birth. She was eventually diagnosed with numerous conditions, including cerebral palsy and Microcephaly. Sadly, Annabelle is dependent on her family for mobility and everyday living skills. This sweet girl endures many other trials, but she remains joyful.


Annabelle has a few interests to make her childhood fun. She has a magical library of books that are perfect for bedtime stories. Her favorite outing is going to a roller rink with her family. They push her around the floor as she sits in her wheelchair. The faster she goes, the brighter her smile! She has a collection of toys that stimulate her sense of touch and hearing. She especially enjoys throwing beanbags at people! She is a sassy little spitfire who keeps everybody on their toes! She has an effervescent personality that brightens up the darkest day. Pick up Annabelle and she will melt into your arms. She has already melted into our hearts.


Annabelle needs a specialized Rifton HTS seating system to make bathroom activities easier and safer for her and the family. Please be her sponsor!