Meet Ava!



Meet four-year-old Ava. She was diagnosed with left-sided hemiplegia and a rare form of epilepsy. Ava has endured multiple surgeries and extensive stem-cell research that requires going out of state. This brave girl is fully dependent on her family for all of her daily living skills. Sadly, she is also nonverbal and legally blind. Ava has enough challenges to break an adult, but she remains happy and fun-loving.


Ava enjoys anything that stimulates her sense of touch and hearing. She tries dancing to music by wiggling her body. She likes the sound of sensory books that make crunching noises. Her favorite time of day is taking a warm bath. Her favorite food, of course, is chocolate! Most of all, Ava could spend all day cuddling. Meet Ava. She likes the sense of touch, and she certainly succeeds by touching our hearts.


Ava needed a medical car seat. She has outgrown her old seat, and it is too painful and unsafe for transportation. With the continued support and a grant from Thomas E. Free, we were able to help Ava obtain the Medical Car Seat that she needed!