Meet Ayanaliz!


Meet 11-year-old Ayanaliz. She was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has endured many surgeries. Ayanaliz has low stamina and keeping up with friends is difficult. She uses a walker for short distances and a wheelchair for longer periods of time. She is a cheerful girl despite these trials.


Ayanaliz has many interests. She loves Disney, especially The Little Mermaid. She enjoys reading fantasy books, such as The Unicorn Academy. She listens to contemporary Christian music. Ayanaliz stays healthy by swimming. Her main passion, however, is art. Ayanaliz’s creative talent shows through her wonderful paintings and homemade bracelets. Ayanaliz is better known for her stunning personality. She is observant and cares for other people’s needs. She is outgoing and kind and meeting her is pure joy. Ayanaliz is driven towards accomplishing her goals. Ayanaliz truly creates a beautiful life, and that is her real masterpiece.


Ayanaliz needs a therapy bicycle to strengthen her legs and overall health. Please be her sponsor!