Meet Bennett!



Meet four-year-old Bennett. He was born with spina bifida and many complications affecting his heart and brain. This brave boy can fight through nearly 100 seizures daily. He can scoot around on the floor and uses a stander a couple hours a day. Bennett, despite his hardships, manages to be joyful.


Bennett has several interests. His favorite show is Bluey. He is a fan of Disney movies. Bennett listens to children’s music and nursery rhymes—he claps and bounces to the song, “Happy and You Know It.” However, he is also quite happy to go through drawers and cupboards with the purpose of reorganizing everything into chaos. He is sometimes this playfully destructive to get attention. Bennett is sociable and enjoys being with his friends at school. He is also known to be a resilient boy who will stop at nothing to get through the hard times and find his way to a beautiful smile. He finds his way into our hearts, too.


Bennett needs a mobile stander to help improve his leg strength and independence. His current stander is on loan and must be returned. Please be his sponsor!