Meet Braedon!


Meet 13-year-old Braedon. This young boy was diagnosed at eight years old with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He is confined to a wheelchair and has limited mobility in his arms. He needs help with several daily tasks. He is joyful despite his challenges.


Braedon has many interests. He has a passion for video games. He can spend hours playing his favorite game, Fortnite! He also enjoys watching YouTube videos of other gamers. He is also a super fan of the Marvel Universe, especially Iron Man. He enjoys going on outings. Braedon is a 7th grade student whose favorite subject is science. Most importantly, Braedon is a good kid. He is always making people laugh. He is always smiling and joyful. He is simply an easy-going boy. Meet Braedon. He has a difficult life, but he makes life beautiful.


Braedon needs a manual wheelchair for easy transportation. His current chair is too small and painful without the proper support. Please be his sponsor!