Meet Brennan!



Meet 11-year-old Brennan. Sadly, He was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. He spent several months in intensive care after his birth. He cannot walk or stand and scoots on the floor to be independent. He remains an awesome kid despite these and other trials.


Brennan has a few interests. He is a fan of hockey and lacrosse —his siblings are also on a lacrosse team. His favorite outings include visiting the Atlantic City Boardwalk or riding swings at a local playground. Brennan has a fun collection of cars and trains, too. Brennan, best of all, is described as strong-willed and determined. Brennan never quits on his goals until they are achieved. He is lovable and adorable—cuddles and hugs are his favorite pastime! The name Brennan means teardrop and sorrow, but this brave boy knows only one word. Joy.


Brennan received a Convaid stroller for easier and safer transportation while providing proper support. His current stroller was too small and ill-fitting. Special thanks to the Innovating Worthy Project for being his sponsor!