Meet Briana!



Meet seven-year-old Briana. She sadly had complications during and after birth. She was eventually diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Briana is unable to walk or stand without assistance. She is cheerful despite these and other tribulations. 


Briana has a few fun interests. Her favorite tv show is Masha and the Bear. She enjoys seeing her friends and teachers at school and likes learning many topics. She adores her sister and they spend quality time together by playing games or building puzzles. Briana, most of all, is a sweetheart. She is very smart and is always determined to figure things out. Briana is well-behaved and kind to everybody. Briana’s mom dreams that one day her daughter will be able to walk. One miracle has already occurred. Briana, whose name defines strength, has endured much and continues to move onward with a smile. She is our inspiration. 


Briana needs a manual wheelchair to provide independent mobility while also giving her proper postural support. Please be her sponsor!