Meet Brynlee!


Meet 10-year-old Brynlee. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which affects several types of connective tissue.  She also has a mitochondrial disease she was born with. She has low stamina and joints that are hyperflexible. She cannot walk for long distances without tiring. She endures more trials but remains a positive girl.


Brynlee has fun in numerous ways. She watches Peppa Pig and the super-cool series, Stranger Things. Her favorite movie is Coraline. Brynlee listens to a variety of music, and her favorite artist is JVKE. On outings she is always excited to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom to see Pluto and ride Small World. Her hobbies are drawing, organizing, and fashion. Most importantly, Brynlee is an awesome girl. She is brave and is always determined to overcome her weaknesses. She is frequently spunky with a tad of sass for extra charm. Meet Brynlee. She is inspirational and simply irresistible!


Brynlee received an Air Hawk powerchair at our Annual Kimberly Knorr Celebrity Golf Tournament. The lightweight chair will provide her with improved support and more independence. Special thanks to Suncoast Credit Union for being her sponsor. Brynlee loves her new chair and was so excited to go on new adventures at some of her favorite place, such as a theme park or festival!