Meet Caleb!


Meet seven-year-old Caleb. He was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis, which causes severe joint contractures. He has endured many procedures on his hands and feet. His hips are dislocated, which makes walking difficult and painful. Caleb uses a wheelchair for long distances. He does not let these limitations hinder him from pushing forward.


Caleb enjoys numerous activities. He is a fan of Spiderman and Sonic the Hedgehog. He listens to an array of music, including country, gospel, and jazz music. Caleb attends school, and his favorite subject is math. He also likes physical activities such as riding his bike. Caleb even has a green belt in Karate. Caleb, most of all, is a terrific kid. He always finds new ways to accomplish tasks. He is happy and spreads his joy by being social and giving lots of hugs! Meet Caleb. This Karate kid is the best around!


Caleb needs an adaptive stroller for easier transportation. Please be his sponsor!