Meet Camden!



Meet 10-year-old Camden. He sadly had an unexplainable tragedy at age five. He was rushed to the hospital after a serious sickness. His heart stopped, and he was revived after 40 minutes of CPR. Camden suffered from Anoxic Brain Injury. He was in a coma and spent six months in the hospital. He uses a wheelchair and needs help with everyday living skills. Camden, despite his hard road, remains a sweet boy.


Camden has a variety of interests. He watches shows like Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse. His favorite movie is Moana. Camden listens to Christian music, and he also loves Bible class during school. His other favorite pastimes include fingerpainting and taking walks with his family. Camden is best known as a joker who makes everybody laugh. He is passionate and loving. Camden is a miracle, too. He was predicted not to survive his ordeals. Instead, he came back fighting and thriving. He came back with a purpose. To inspire us all.


Camden needs a Josi Stroller which will allow him to lay on his back and breathe normally while taking strolls or being transported. Please be his sponsor.