Meet Camila!



Meet six-year-old Camila. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Camila cannot walk, and her dedicated mom carries her everywhere. The little girl also has muscle weakness above the waist. Camila, despite these and other struggles, is a happy girl.


Camila has several interests. She gets huge belly laughs whenever watching her favorite show and movie, “El Chavo” and “La India Maria,” respectively. She tries dancing to upbeat reggaeton music. Camila loves more activities, such as getting her nails painted, playing Hide and Go Seek, and going to birthday parties. She is defined best, however, by her personality. She is a warrior who has suffered through much and pushes forward with a smile. She is also angelic. Her beautiful eyes reveal an innocent and pure soul. Meet Camila, and there looking back, will be a little bit of Heaven.


Camila needed a wheelchair to provide her with easier mobility. This will be better for the mom who had to carry the child around school. Thanks to a sponsorship from an amazing woman, Brenda, we were able to help Camila obtain the wheelchair that she needed!