Meet Carlos!



Meet 10-year-old Carlos. He was born with numerous complications and was not meeting typical milestones as a baby. He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This determined boy puts in a lot of effort to walk, even though he needs assistance.  He is nonverbal and uses his hands to communicate.  Carlos is a sweetheart who remains positive. 


Carlos likes being interactive. He attends therapy and his therapist describes him as a joker. He will pretend to bite people for a laugh. He likes activities involving his family. He enjoys listening to music with his sister. He bonds with his dad by watching sports. Carlos enjoys taking walks with his mom. Clearly, he is very family oriented! Carlos is a happy boy who is always smiling and saying hi to passersby. His dedicated and loving mom describes him best, “He is the most wonderful gift from God.”       


Carlos needed a manual wheelchair for more independence. The chair should also provide proper support for his posture. Thanks to a grant through Freeburg, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help Carlos obtain the wheelchair that he needed!