Meet Cassian!



Meet three-year-old Cassian. He was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, which affects many areas of the body. Sadly, he cannot walk, see, or speak. He has many other trials each day. This brave boy, however, remains happy.


Cassian has several interests that focus on his sense of hearing and touch. He likes listening to Teletubbies, Disney songs, and electronic music. He does a cute wiggle dance whenever hearing his favorite songs. He has toys that make noise, including a musical cow and bunny. He loves playing with his different pianos. Cassian enjoys the sensations and sounds of taking strolls outdoors. He also likes feeling his texture board.  Cassian has a big personality, too. He is opinionated. Cassian ignores people with whom he disagrees. He claps and bounces whenever in agreement with somebody. He is full of energy and curiosity and always wants to know everything that is happening. Cassian, after all of his losses, still has one thing. He has a strong sense of living to the fullest, and that makes him inspirational.


Cassian needs a walker or gait trainer to improve his leg strength, balance, and overall fitness. Please be his sponsor!