Champ Jaxon & Nate Winkler

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The “Six String Bandits” are wanted for crimes against humanity throughout Florida and beyond. With their rock n’ roll renegade personas, they travel from town to town, unleashing brain-bending and mind-melting music at unreasonably high levels, with complete disregard for the safety and well-being of any of the poor souls in attendance at the audience. In addition to sending folks to the burn unit, they’ve also been accused of stealing hearts and causing people to abandon their normal lives, doing things like growing out their hair and replacing their entire wardrobe with tie-dye, or worse yet, following them around on tour while selling grilled cheese sandwiches to strangers to survive and rarely calling their mothers.

Champ Jaxon is an eleven year old singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Punta Gorda, FL. In addition to leading his band, he enjoys playing outdoors, building LEGO sets, and anything Marvel comics related. His father, Nate, a Marine Corps veteran, is Champ’s partner in crime in the band and is a telecommunications engineer by day.