Meet Chance!


Meet 11-year-old Chance. Sadly, he was diagnosed with a very difficult progressive neurogenetic disorder. He endures frightening seizures each day. He is confined to a wheelchair. Chance can range from being highly energetic to being weak and nonresponsive. He has more severe challenges but remains joyful through it all.


Chance has a few, fun interests. He enjoys watching the YouTube show Mr. Beast. He listens to pop rock, and his favorite song is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Chance is a volleyball fan and is always cheering for his friend who also plays the popular sport. He likes many other activities such as playing Minecraft and collecting Pokémon cards. Chance, however, is best known for his strength. He continues to be brave and fights back his illness by laughing and having a good sense of humor. Sometimes this is the best medicine. In every moment, the best thing is to hang on to each other and never let go. Love always endures.


Chance needs a walk-in tub so he can relax and ease his tense muscles. This will go a long way to make him feel better. Please be a sponsor for Chance.