Meet Chanel!



Meet 10-year-old Chanel. This sweet child was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. She has been hospitalized several times because of frightening grand mal seizures. She has low endurance and decreased mobility in her legs. She can walk and run but uses a stroller for long distances. She remains joyful despite the harsh illness.

 Chanel enjoys a variety of pastimes. She likes the movies Charlotte’s Web and A Dolphin Tale. She is always excited to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see the dolphins and other sea life.   She listens to by Kidz Bop and Christmas songs. Chanel has fun dancing, too. Chanel likes getting dressed up and beautiful with her collection of hair bows and dresses. Most importantly, she loves cuddles and showing her affection. This little girl is a cutey pie who makes us all smile.

 Chanel received a therapy tricycle to increase the range of motion in her legs. The trike is also another way for her to play outdoors and enjoy an activity she loves. Special thanks to Elite Insurance Partners who hosted Chanel and her family for a Christmas presentation where she received her brand new Rifton therapy trike!